Saturday, August 20, 2011

Running and Cake

Those two words sum up my life. 

I'm kidding, don't worry. But I wanted to update you on my running and ask for some help with my cakes. Taste testing help. Now, you're obviously hooked. :) Boring part first: running. I'm entering a race in the end of September. It's 3.1 miles and I'm starting to train now. I've clocked a path in my neighborhood with the same distance and I can run it in about 25 minutes. My goal time for this first race is 22 minutes. I obviously have some work to do. 
I'm looking for some taste testers from my town to eat and comment on a free (!!!!) and probably totally delicious cake. So if you are interested, here are the requirements: 

You must:
-Live in my town (you know who you are...) 
-Like cake.
-Agree not to sue me if you somehow get sick after eating my cake.
-Comment if you're interested. 
-Give me your firstborn child in exchange for a free cake. 

Types of Cakes:
Ice Cream Cake
Chocolate Zuchinni Cake (with chocolate glaze)
Gingerbread Cake (with vanilla glaze) 
Spice Cake (with vanilla glaze)
Pumpkin Molasses Cake (with lemon glaze/icing) 
Angel Food Cake (vanilla and chocolate glaze)

NOTE: When you comment, please specify what cake you'd like to try. Don't be shy, all of these cakes have to be tested before I go into business. 

Hasta la vez próxima, mis amigos! (Until next time, my friends!)


  1. "I'm looking for some taste testers"
    "free cake"
    "Chocolate Zuchinni Cake (with chocolate glaze)"
    EMILY, THIS IS NOT FAIR!! I have never wanted to move as much as I want to now!! ;) I would gladly give my firstborn child for some chocolate zuchini cake!

    Have you considered making it a cupcake business? Cupcakes are really in right now, plus they're adorable and I know how good you are at decorating them! :D

  2. Hi Emily!
    Your blog looks great! You are so talented and have so many gifts! I had no idea you were into baking! Does our family count as "in-towners". If so, I would love to try your Chocolate Zuchinni Cake if you would like us to be taste testers :) All of your cakes sound delicious! :) Best wishes with your training for the upcoming race! 25 minutes for a 5K is awesome! My best was 24 something. I think you can make your 22 minute goal! Go for it! Chat with you soon! Mrs. T. Smith :)

  3. Rosemary: Well, we might be able to work something out. SInce we're friends who have decorated cute cakes AND cupcakes, then you can just name your first child after me. :) Would it be giving too much away if I remind you that I'll be near you around your birthday? About cupcakes: yes, I did realize they're popular, but there are so many other cupcake stores with MUCH cuter cupcakes. :/

    Mrs. Smith: You absolutely count as "in-towners". I'll give you the cake at theater practice. I appreciate your encouragement for the race. Thank you!

  4. Oooh, you will make me a cake when you come up to PA?! I will name my first girl Emily and my first boy Emile! (Emile is a name, right?)
    True, there are a lot of cupcake places! I love the functional-ness of cupcakes though. You always have a "buy this cake as cupcakes" option! But as long as cake is involved somehow everything is awesome!! ;)

  5. I'll accept that. :) Once I post a list of cakes, tell me which one you want and I'll bring it up for your birthday. :) The "buy this as cupcakes" option sounds awesome. You wouldn't mind if I stole it would you? ;)

    No, you can't steal it because I'm going to use it for MY cake company! Oh wait–I can't cook! Guess you can steal it after all! ;)