Thursday, August 11, 2011

In the beginning...

... I decided to start a blog, again. Those who know me know that the last few attempts by me to start a blog failed within a few months. Hopefully, I can keep this one going. :)  The reason for starting this blog is not only to motivate me to complete my goals, but to encourage everyone and anyone else out there to not be afraid to aim high. Sky's the limit, right?

I'm a homeschooled Junior in high school and I'm trying to complete the requirements for a silver medal for the Congressional Award in a year:  9/1/11 to 9/1/12. My reason for sacrificing 472 hours of my time for volunteer service, personal development, physical training, and expeditions? It looks great on a college application and I love a challenge. :)

Now, onto the stuff that actually matters. In order to receive the silver medal, I have to complete 200 hours of voluntary public service (4hrs/wk), 100 hours of personal development (2hrs/week), 100 hours of physical training (2hrs/wk), and a 3-day, 2-night expedition. These are my personal goals:

Voluntary Public Service: volunteer at the American Red Cross
Personal Development: organize and run a Theater Club for my local homeschooling group AND/OR learning photography, haven't quite decided yet. :/
Physical Training: train for and compete in 5k runs and bike races.
Expedition: Travel up to the mountains for a long weekend of camping and hiking.

This blog is a documentation of the completion of these goals. I'm planning on posting pictures, describing events, sharing my experiences, etc... so, enjoy!

PS: I'll officially start completing the Congressional Award on September 1st, but before I start I have to find validators for each of my activities. But I'll be posting before then about stuff that I'm doing to prepare.

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